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Education Information

NCREC APPROVES NEW Broker-in-Charge Course 

New rule changes effective July 1, 2014, will replace the old Broker-in-Charge Annual Review Course (“BICAR”) with a newly developed Broker-in-Charge Update Course (“BICUP”). The new BICUP course will combine topics from the old BICAR course and the annual update course into a single 4-hour course. Brokers-in-charge (“BIC”) and brokers wishing to remain BIC eligible must take the BICUP course and an elective CE course to fulfill the mandatory 8-hour CE requirement.

BICs and BIC eligible brokers who take the General Update Course (rather than the BICUP course) and an elective will receive CE credit for taking the courses and remain on active status, but must still take the BICUP course prior to June 10 of that license year to retain BIC eligibility.
Enrollment in the BICUP course is limited exclusively to current BICs and those who are BIC eligible. Other brokers will not receive continuing education credit for attending the BICUP course.

The new BICUP course is described in Rule 21 NCAC 58E .0102, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Rule 21 NCAC 58E .0102

Studies Prove that REALTORS® with Designations Earn More Money!

(Source - NAR 2013 Member Profile)

The Median Income of REALTORS® without a designation was $33,500 and the median income of those with at least one designation was $61,100:  a difference of $27,600.

Graph showing those who have designations earn more money.

Designations and Certifications

The National Association of REALTORS® and its affiliated Institutes, Societies, and Councils provide a wide-range of programs and services that assist members in increasing skills, proficiency, and knowledge.  Designations and certifications acknowledging experience and expertise in various real estate sectors are awarded by NAR and each affiliated group upon completion of required courses.To learn about each Designation:

  • Code of Ethics Info & Courses
  • Check Your CE Education History
  • What are the North Carolina Education Requirements?
  • What are the Post Licensing Education Requirements?
  • REALTOR® University